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There isn’t a time Ryann Lecklider remembers loving anything more than music. From an early age, there were always sounds of songs filtering through the hallway from her bedroom. Her thoughts were rarely unaccompanied by melodies that unsurprisingly surfaced in the rhythm of her steps, the beat of her own heart. Music was never far from her thoughts, but somehow, for a time, life took Ryann in a different direction.

Ryann grew up with a loving family in Indianapolis, Indiana. She and her twin brother did all the things normal kids do – played sports, joined school clubs, and of course, sang in the choir. She was a dedicated student, and always threw herself fully into whatever she was doing. Deciding it was more important to create a life through responsible choices rather than chase an uncertain musical career, Ryann obtained a degree in Communications from DePaul University in Chicago. “Music really wasn’t even an option for me,” she recalls. “I didn’t know how to pursue it.” Upon graduation, she promptly moved to Los Angeles.

Though music wasn’t the motivation for her move, Ryann couldn’t fully shake it either. She became involved at a local church, singing with the worship team. It was there she met her vocal coach, Dennis Lamar, and dove headfirst into her first love.

“I didn’t really know my own voice. I think Dennis helped me find it for the first time,” says Ryann. Together, they worked tirelessly for years, honing Ryann’s skills as a vocalist, and gradually the urge to write her own music emerged. She began developing her capacity as a songwriter, leaning on Dennis and the basic musical knowledge she gathered in high school. The rest was self-taught.

Heavily influenced by legendary singers like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, Ryann’s musical style is definitively pop, but don’t let this oversimplified classification fool you. She draws inspiration from the soulful sounds of James Morrison, Marc Broussard, and Adele, as well as the lyric artistry of Brooke Fraser and newcomer Tori Kelly. “Lyrics are incredibly important to me. Each word is painstakingly selected because my goal has always been to deliver honesty in a compelling and imaginative manner,” she notes.

In 2013, Ryann was selected as the second Program Artist for Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing artists who aim to positively influence the music industry and beyond. Her first ever project, ‘the Detours EP’ featuring three original songs, was released on May 16, 2014. She is now performing around Los Angeles and continuing to write new material for her next project.

Ryann currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Mat.



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