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Oh man. Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Nope! This really is post number three! Your luh-key day! So, I bet you’re wondering… will I continue to brazenly pat myself on the back for every post I complete, however timely and/or long overdue? Maybe… (I really thought about dragging this little celebration out a bit longer but decided against it. Thought that was worth mentioning.)


As I considered the countless number of topics all eight of my devoted readers would want to feast their eyes on, I have to admit that I panicked. Just a little bit. Yeah, again. So much freedom there. I could talk frankly about my journey as an artist. About balancing life and work and my dream. I could weigh in on current events, peppering this post with my probably under-researched opinions. (Just kidding… I would research it perfectly.) But none of that felt right. So I decided to write from the heart. You know, just like the end of the movie where the main character has to make a speech, and he’s painstakingly worked and reworked his words to say just the right thing, with all the right amounts of humor and sincerity. But he just. can’t. do it. And the speech he writes is nice, but it doesn’t have that je ne sais quoi. And then, at the last second, he decides to crumble up that handwritten, yellow legal-pad speech, tuck it into his secret jacket pocket (you know, the one in the inner lining), and live in the moment. And then everyone cries. It’s beautiful.

And that, my dear friends, is not this post. I tried to write a spontaneous narrative, but I promptly deleted it. LOL! Maybe one day I’ll be able write via stream-of-consciousness, and it will be good. Today is not that day, people. Planning is my friend.

But I digress.

So… I really have been thinking a lot about interesting topics and things that might be interesting for you to read, and then I realized… I’m not a reporter. Or a novelist. I am a singer! (And an assistant, for now.) But this blog is about me. And my journey as an artist. And stupid stuff I think about and want to share with you. And maybe even really funny YouTube videos that I want you to see so we can laugh together. And that’s probably what you’re here to read about. And also you’re not forced to read this. (I take it back, please stay!) So, I’m going to write about the things I think about, and maybe even tell you a little bit about myself. That and what I want to eat for dinner. (Tacos. Mmm.)

So I guess I’ll tell you a little (more) about me.

Five random things you may or may not know about me:

One. I use to sing my heart out in front of my bathroom mirror, probably with a hairbrush microphone or something else really cliché like that, complete with a dance routine, I’m sure. (Who wouldn’t dance to Opposites Attract?!) I’m also pretty sure I expected Ed McMahon to open a secret door in the mirror and shout, “You’re in!” (I watched a lot of Star Search and Kids Incorporated back then. K! I! D! S! … No? Anyway…) And that’s where it all began. In my bathroom in Indiana. Luckily, I did not have braces. But I did have a perm.

Two. I have a twin brother, and I may or may not have made him paint his face solid with mascara once. Or twice. I also may or may not have made him wear pink ballet tights on his head and dance and sing to a song I made up about bunnies. I was very persuasive as a child.

Three. I think it’s hilarious to give dogs (or pets of any kind, really… but especially dogs) formal names that you would never name your children. Like Thaddeus or Cornelius or Quentin. I want to get a scruffy dog and name him Eugene. Sorry if your name is Eugene.

Four. When we were kids, my brother was deathly afraid of running out of gas while in the car with my mom. I remember once we were in the backseat, probably headed to the Discovery Zone or something equally as awesome, and somehow Chase realized the gas light was on. It was like his life flashed before his eyes as soon as that tiny gas pump icon appeared in the dash. Or maybe I noticed and made sure to tell him. I can’t remember. But I’m pretty sure he cried. Well, I tell people he cried. And to this day I drive as far as I possibly can with the gas light on. One trip, two trips, doesn’t matter. I wonder what that’s about…

Five. I used to watch the show MacGyver religiously. Yep, you heard me. (I also have seen every Jean Claude Van Damme movie there is to see.) And now I like to creatively fix things. Like today… I fixed a jumprope with a pair of tweezers. I’ve also picked the lock to my own apartment with bobby pins.

There. Don’t you feel like you know me so much better now? Well, at least you know Chase better.

You’re welcome.

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