My Perfect Little Blog

Posted by Ryann Lecklider Category: Musings

Well… Looks like I’m on top of this whole blogging thing. Post number two within six months? Check. Keep your eye out for another one before the end of 2012. I’m on a roll, people!

The truth is I have been frantically avoiding writing this second post. Why, you ask? Because I am insanely popular and have no time to spare? (Umm…) Because I am a torrid hit-factory and can only be bothered to write four-and-a-half-minute jamz worthy of my musical genius? (Well…) Because I’m lounging by the pool reading leisurely and can’t risk losing my sweet tan? (That last one would be really funny if you’ve ever met me. Seriously.)

Not quite.

It’s because I’m totally scared.

At the risk of being vulnerable for two seconds (that’s all you get), I’m going to hit you with the truth. At first I thought I really hated the idea of blogging, of broadcasting my “deep” thoughts in front of strange eyes, of standing on a soap box defending my own opinions and hoping someone will like it or even care enough to read it. I thought, I don’t want to write blogs; I want to sing! How is this related? And I made sure to busy myself with many other non-blogging-related details of life.

But I realized it’s not that. This blog is an opportunity to make myself known, to let people know who I am and what I’m about, to share a story that might provide perspective for someone who needs it. That someone might even be me. And it’s not that deep. Clearly, I am a perfectionist. I want everything to be perfect. I want a perfect life with a perfect career that comes with a perfect website and perfect songs and the perfect words to write in my perfect blog and perfect hair. Always perfect hair. But the reality is that life is messy. And no one would really like me if I was perfect all the time… or even if I came off that way. Perfect Ryann sounds really stuck up. Just saying.

So… sorry in advance. My words won’t be perfect. For a while, I’ll probably cringe a little bit every time I hit the “Publish” button. But, for now, something is better than nothing, and how do you get better at something that stays caged up in your mind? The answer is you don’t. So here’s to getting better, to growing, to writing.

And blogging, my friends, is just the beginning. Expect more to come.

And thanks for reading.